Social Commitment

Kimitec Groupo, American Clay Works & Supply Company,  and their other International Distribution Partners are required to give 1% of total sales back to the community at large.  Some companies have selected to fund childrens education, while others have funded infrastructure projects that contribute to less fortunate areas of a country.  In the United States we have teamed up with the FFA (Future Farmers of America Foundation) to contribute to education through technological growing.

Proceeds from these grants would be awarded to schools with curriculums that are based on, or developed to educate future farmers on higher yields, using technology to adjust crop quality, quantities and characteristics, and give them a basis to brow with the technology afforded to them that extends beyond traditional field crop production.  Updates will be provided as these grants are awarded, and we look forward, with Kimitec, to helping to educate our Future Farmers using the methods of the future for crop production.

How We Contribute…



Funding Education

We believe that the coming generations will shape the future of the world, which is why we donate a percentage of all sales to help ensure quality education for our youth.


Funding Infastructure

Part of successful agriculture endeavors is having the necessary infrastructure required to support them. A portion from each sale is contributed to helping in areas that would not otherwise have financial resources.


Funding Technology

We’ve teamed up with Future Farmers of America Foundation to contribute to education through technological growing. By contributing and educating on the latest technological advancements, we can help reach ultimate sustainability.

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