Amifort (5-0-0)



Amifort is a liquid fertilizer composed of L-Amino Acids (26%) proceeding from double enzymatic hydrolysis. Amifort is completely water soluble and suitable for use in hydroponics.

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Benefits To The Plants:

  • Increases Growth Stimulation
  • Provides Better Stress Resistance
  • Higher cellular division


  • Amifort increases the effect of pesticides, so it is recommended to reduce pesticide dose, especially with products containing sulfur.
  • Combined with fruit-setting (PGR of Blossom Boose) products: 100-150 ml/hl
  • Do not combine Amifort with spray oil or with products containing phosphorous acid.
  • Do not combine with copper fungicides due to possible excessive uptake of copper.

Amifort is a solution of natural plant amino acids extracted by double enzymatic hydrolysis.

  • Free Amino Acids………. 26%
  • Nitrogen (N)……………… 5.00%
  • Total Organic Matter…. 27.80%

Directions For Use

  • For Irrigation (Drip):  2 – 3 Lt/Ha
  • For Irrigation (Surface): 3 – 4 Lt/Ha
  • Foliar (2 – 3 cc/L)
  • Small Application 100-300 PPM of Total Product (NOT PPM OF NITROGEN)

Amifort USA Labels: Download PDF


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