Bombardier (8-0-0)


Bombardier is a liquid fertilizer obtained from the concentration of selected vegetables. BOMBARDIER has a double action; to the soil structure and to the crop quality. Due to its origin, it presents a high concentration of Nitrogen, amino acids, organic matter, polysaccharides, and fulvic acid.

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Benefits To The Plants:

  • High plant stimulation
  • Better metabolic and enzymatic activity
  • Higher cellular division
  • Improves the resistance to stress conditions
  • Increases productivity and crop quality
  • Promotes good plant growth
  • Increases fruit size and quality
  • Improves Rooting System

Benefits To The Soil:

  • Improves soil structure
  • Improves soil aeration
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Improves humidity retention
  • Allows for reduced use of other fertilizers

For Vegetative Development and Stress, Bombier provides optimal performance.  Some Amino Content and Benefit Information includes:

  • Glutamine: better pollination, growth stimulation, better response against stress conditions.
  • Alanine: chorophyll synthesis, improves photosynthesis activity.
  • Aspartic Acid: better nutrient and oxigene absorption by the root. Take part in many metabolic process.
  • Valine: better seed germination. Better response against stress conditions.
  • Glicine: Chelating action. Take part in process related to pollination and fecundation.
  • Leucine: take part in tissues regeneration and sugar synthesis.
  • PLUS Serine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, Threonine, Histidine, Cysteine.


  • The most efficient use of the product is through irrigation, due to the organic matter and humic acid content (improves soil structure), but it is also effective as a foliar spray.
  • Due to the effect as a stimulant it is used to improve critical stages of the crop and in stress conditions
  • Do not mix with sulfur and copper, except in olive tree with technical supervision
  • Do not mix with products with high alkaline reaction (mineral oils)
  • Do not use with products based on hydrogen peroxide of chlorides, because they will diminish its effect
  • It is recommended to use in any stage of the crop, except in blooming in fruit trees or when there is any fungal disease present in soil (Bombardier will feed soil borne fungal pathogens but can still be applied as a foliar spray if it does not contact the fugal disease in the soil).
  • When a crop is stressed (drought, over watering, heat, cold) apply immediately at recommended rate.

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