Rhyzo (7.5-39-0)

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Rhyzo is a new type of Root enahncing additive and bio-nutrient. RHYZO is a new formulation and an alternative to products based on hormones. The high rooting power is based on the specific aminogram, b vitamins and high Phosphorous concentration. RHYZO is particularly indicated for encouraging rooting, and activating the root system, thus increasing the growth potential for all type of crops (horticultural crops, fruit crops, citrus and olive trees, nurseries, etc) during the initial stages of the vegetative cycle.

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Recommended for:

  • Initial stages of the crop
  • Transplanting periods
  • Adverse climatic conditions, most of all during cold periods
  • Stress conditions (hydric, heat, root loss, etc.)
  • Winter
  • Critical periods: flowering, start of ripening, development of the fruit, etc
  • Also for nurseries.

Alternative to conventional rooting products

  • Higher root development
  • Higher productivity
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Improved crop vigor
  • Recommended from planting to harvest, in any stage of the plant.

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