Field Development Manager


Position Objective

Develop and implement a diverse field research program for current and developing products in North America. With limited direct supervision, plan, manage and conduct research trials to obtain performance data for Kimitec’s experimental and commercially available compounds. Build and manage an effective network of external contacts that can positively influence the advancement of Kimitec objectives. Act as a technical resource to the Kimitec sales and marketing team in North America as well as to external commercial partners, and occasionally to other subsidiaries abroad. Participate as a team member to assist in developing and launching new products for crop protection, nutrition, and plant health through our commercial partners in North America. In coordination with Kimitec’s technical department, create trial protocols to define and demonstrate the performance of Kimitec products against competitors, and provide product benefit training, in writing and verbally, to Kimitec’s Product Management team as the new products approach registration.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that promotes cooperation with customers, collaborators, co-workers and management.

New Product Development

– Primarily responsibility for the appropriate design and timely completion of all biological performance studies for compounds in the field development phase of new product development

– New product development is primarily focused on advanced stage products, but some involvement in early stage testing is expected. Must also collect, summarize, and present data which supports sales impact (i.e. ROI) and product positioning

Technology Exchange

– Support Technical Service by providing training on products and helping with product efficacy and benefit demonstrations for Marketing and Sales in North America

– Serve as the local Kimitec contact for University staff and establish a working partnership with them

– Make presentations to internal and external customers for product training and at scientific meetings to promote and create interest in Kimitec technologies

– Network and exchange product performance information with Technical department peers and Field Development Managers from foreign Kimitec subsidiaries

Marketing and Sales Support

– Both direct and indirect support of Marketing and Sales is provided, with indirect support being most frequent

– Serve as an alternative technical source for Sales Managers and customers to assist the sales efforts both in the field and on the phone

Influencer/Customer Activities

– Network with peers, Technical Service, Sales Managers, and Product Development management to identify new business opportunities; explore means to capitalize on these opportunities, and to optimize Kimitec resources

– Represent Kimitec in local, Regional, National and, as necessary International professional groups

– Assist with special emphasis seminars and conferences. Maintain direct communications with key customer and University resource personnel to keep updated on changing technology and/or plant health, and plant pest problems

– Serve as a Kimitec Ambassador to gain a positive Kimitec/industry public image

– Represent Kimitec in the Academic and Professional Community. Identify Centers of Influence (COIs), develop relationships and influence when appropriate and in keeping with ethical behaviors


– Responsible for field safety in handling and storage of pesticides and equipment used to conduct field trials

– Operate vehicle in safe manner. Assists in safety training on pesticide use to territory Sales personnel

Team Based Activities

– Develop and implement a focused field research program based on input from Marketing, Sales team, New Product Development, Technical Services, and customer needs

– Prepare and propose annual research trial budgets. Prepare reports and summaries for all field research trials, including conclusions and recommendations

– Cooperate with Product Development and Technical Service to conduct trials in areas or crops not readily available at other locations

– Identify new opportunities and plan strategies with Tech Services, Marketing and Sales on a district/regional level to capitalize on new business opportunities for important uses within the Field Development territory

Professional Development Growth

– Maintain an active status in appropriate professional and industry groups and prepare and deliver technical presentations at meetings

– Ability to work well independently as well as part of a team

– Willingness and ability to provide superior customer service

– Capable of delivering results with little supervision and to effectively prioritize duties

– Ability to work under stress and work on multiple competing priorities at one time

– Functional knowledge of all key and most secondary crops and pests within the territory is essential, and a working knowledge in all markets is required

– Incumbent must be a proven resource for innovation, trial design, and conduct of field trials, with regional/national familiarity with crop/pest biology and management principals in the area of his/her specialty

– Demonstrate strong, sustained desire to improve, personally and professionally

Essential Qualifications – Education, Experience, Skills: (in order of importance)

Education: Minimum BS; MS preferred in Plant Pathology, Entomology, Microbiology, Plant Sciences or related field

Experience: 5-7 years of professional experience in the evaluation of crop production technologies and previous industry experience in managing a Field territory

Complexity of Work and Decision Making: Difficult work on highly complex or involved projects that present new or constantly changing problems. Duties require outstanding judgment, initiative, and the ability to deal with complex factors not easily evaluated.

Accountability: Works from general objectives and broad and varying policies, procedures, rules, or precedents with little functional guidance. Review by supervisor focuses on achievement of the objective and not on the means. Direct accountability for operational, human, and/or fiscal resources

Customer Interactions: High relational skills required. Requires contacts and persuasion usually at the highest levels which possibly involve difficult negotiations, detailed explanations or interpretations, influencing others, defending matters of importance and/or handling very difficult relationships; failure to handle properly could cause significant harm to the organization or loss of business

Job Impact: Coordinates activities within their area of expertise. Handles many simultaneous complex assignments/projects. Provides critical data resources information/estimates. Has some control responsibilities for maintaining standards

Environment and Use of Equipment/Machinery: Operates or uses complex office, lab/biological or maintenance equipment, machinery or tools. In-depth training/Advanced required. Performs complex set-up and operations

– Highly motivated to meet project deadlines in a fast-paced working environment

– Broad knowledge of scientific principles and methods

– Self-directed and the ability to work and solve problems independently

– Dependable and high-energy

– Excellent written, verbal communication skills and interpersonal relationships

– Highly organized and computer literate

– Working knowledge of statistics and data interpretation

– Project management experience a plus

– Ambitious with a positive mindset

Specific performance and personal competencies include:

Driving Results – Sets positive, compelling goals and aggressive schedules for improvement. Translates the vision/mission of the organization into actionable, quantitative plans. Conveys a sense of urgency and drives issues to closure

Managing Performance – Translates over-arching business goals into specific objectives for each member of the team. Holds people accountable for agreed-to results. Identifies and keeps others focused on the most important metrics that drive the business

Building Commitment – Motivates others to pursue common objectives with excitement about the future. Radiates enthusiasm for goals and infects others with a shared optimism and excitement. Conveys a genuine belief to succeed despite the toughest obstacles

Building Relationships and Using Influence – Builds and sustains excellent relationships at all levels both internally and externally. Uses relationship networks to strategically accomplish objectives. Communicates excitement about the business and motivates others to pursue common objectives

Communication – Communicates passion, energy, intensity, and excitement. Is highly articulate and makes arguments in a compelling matter and comes to the point

Energy/Endurance – Has a high capacity for work and shows passion, energy, endurance, and intensity. Maintains focus through days of long hours and multiple priorities

Physical Demands:

– Ability to lift up to 20 pounds.

– Flexibility in scheduling to satisfy project needs and priorities

– Computer keying repetitive motions

– Possible eye strain