We Are the Alternative to Chemical Synthesis

Kimitec Group’s disruption comes with the creation of a model that maximizes synergies among four natural areas: botany, microbiology, microalgae, and green chemistry, to design effective solutions that reinvent nutrition, producing healthier and higher quality food.

We influence in three areas: consumers, with residue-free, healthier and higher quality food; producers, providing high yield, productivity and profitability; and the environment, ensuring the recovery of soils, responsible management of resources, and mitigating climate change.

Our innovation aims to recover the balance among productivity, health, and responsible environmental management with natural solutions as effective as chemical synthesis.

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A Disruptive Business Model. We are the only company in our industry with three Horizon 2020 projects

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Synthetic chemistry is dead. Take a look a the stories that challenge the status quo that will make you rethink our current nutrition. There is a natural alternative to synthetic chemistry.


We had a dream: MAAVi Innovation Center

Bringing nature to the same level of efficacy as synthetic chemistry poses a challenge that requires that we work with the greatest biotechnological tool in Europe, to be able to take on the ambitious challenge of removing synthetic chemistry from our diet. This is our vision, embodied in the largest biopesticide and probiotic research center in Europe.

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