We had a dream: MAAVi Innovation Center

We strongly believe in:
– The power of nature
– Innovation
– Biotechnology research
– Creativity
– Talent

And we rather act than talk, since our purpose is giving real, tangible answers.

We are fully convinced that innovation is key if we want to find natural solutions as effective and efficient as synthetic chemistry; solutions that will help us improve our industry, our nutrition and, ultimately, our planet.

We Are the Alternative to Chemical Synthesis

Kimitec is a biotechnology company that focuses on the farming industry and offers natural, highly innovative, alternative solutions, which are as effective as chemicals and allow to achieve the perfect balance between productivity, sustainability and human health.

We have developed a natural alternative to agronomic practices dependent on synthetic chemistry, through our research efforts in the field of biotechnology, and engineered related products such as biopesticides (pest control), biostimulants (plant nutrition), and pre- and probiotics (soil microbiota regeneration).

Our solutions do not minimize the growers’ industrial potential —healthy, productive, profitable crops—, but they do support our ultimate, most important goal: to achieve a healthier, more sustainable nutrition.

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A Disruptive Business Model. We are the only company in our industry with four Horizon 2020 projects

Discover our scientists' innovative projects. Pure Talent.

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