Uzbekistan chooses Kimitec to transform the country’s agricultural sector

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· Thanks to this MAAVi Lab agreement, Uzbekistan will transform their agricultural production under new quality, sustainability and zero residue parameters, becoming the leading figure in the agricultural sector in Central Asia.
· This is the second Country MAAVi Lab agreement for Kimitec, after the one they signed with El Salvador in 2021, with which they aim to fulfill their mission of changing the way food is produced, introducing new sustainability and zero residue parameters.

The Plant Protection and Quarantine Research Institute, which belongs to the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and Kimitec, the founder of the MAAVi Innovation Center, the largest technology hub for natural agriculture in Europe, headquartered in Almería (Spain), have recently signed a historic agreement for the promotion of agriculture in the Asian country. The MAAVi Lab agreement, signed by the Director of the Uzbek institute, Anorbayev Azimjon, and Kimitec’s International CEO, Alejandro de las Casas, will allow to increase agricultural production and development in Uzbekistan, transforming the country into a leading figure in the field of natural agriculture in Central Asia.

As a result of the latest European and global strategies and policies restricting the use of chemical-based products in agriculture, the search for natural solutions as effective and cost-efficient as synthetic chemicals has become a priority for numerous countries and companies that need to maintain crop productivity and profitability.

The experience, innovation capacity and avant-garde technology of Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center is what made us choose them as our main partner for the development and implementation of natural products in our agriculture, such as biopesticides for pest and disease control, without losing efficacy, productivity and cost-efficiency compared to other chemical-based solutions”, commented Azimjon.

According to the agreement reached by both parties, Kimitec will help Uzbekistan to reconfigure their agricultural production under new quality, sustainability and zero residue parameters, so that they may increase the profitability of natural agriculture in the country and become a leading figure in the field in Central Asia.

Among the objectives of this MAAVi Lab project, we can highlight the development and application of biopesticides for pest and disease control by Kimitec. Furthermore, the agreement aims to improve the quality, productivity, and safety of Uzbek crops, as well as to strategically replace less effective chemical solutions with natural products that contribute to real sustainability, both from an environmental point of view, and regarding crop productivity and profitability.

To achieve these goals, Kimitec will make both their MAAVi Innovation Center, the largest biotechnology hub in Europe, and their innovative, natural, zero residue products available to the Plant Protection and Quarantine Research Institute of Uzbekistan, paving the way towards a more natural production in this Asian country.

We believe that sustainable agriculture is the future of our civilization, and as such, Uzbekistan is fully committed to keep pushing forward in that direction. Food production based on natural products is much healthier for both humans and animals and reducing the use of chemical products helps governments and growers save on resources. We are convinced that the MAAVi Innovación Center will be essential for achieving those goals much faster”, emphasized Anorbayev Azimjon.

Kimitec will also provide the Institute’s experts with the necessary technical training on the management and application of the solutions developed and will help them reach their leadership goals by contributing to the optimization of their infrastructures, laboratories, and necessary resources.

At initial stage, Kimitec and the Institute will focus on 5 types of plants, fruits and vegetables: cotton, sweet cherry, potato, tomato and melon. The ultimate goal of testing is expected to be an increase of fertility of listed crops, health improvement and development of their resistance to pests. On early September the testing will be held on fields simultaneously with laboratory testing.

“By choosing us as partners for the transformation of their country’s agriculture, as well as their own transformation in a leading figure in zero-residue food production in Central Asia, the Government of Uzbekistan is placing a great deal of trust and responsibility in us”, commented Alejandro de las Casas, Kimitec’s International CEO.

Kimitec reaches thus its second Country MAAVi Lab agreement, following the one with El Salvador, which represents a new step forward in its revolutionary mission to shatter the very foundations of the global agri-food industry, and that is only possible thanks to the level of research achieved by their MAAVi Innovation Center.

This is just the beginning of a long-term relationship that will set a historical precedent: A revolutionary zero residue agri-food country strategy.

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