We challenge a system that dictates how food production should be carried out. We are a business group that reinvents the set formula and provides farmers with a natural alternative. While our main focus is on agriculture, we have vertically developed a group of 4 companies aimed to cover different needs, with a common scientific model, based on the synergies among 4 natural areas, botany, microbiology, microalgae, and green chemistry, to offer an alternative to the use of synthetic chemistry.

In line with our vision on producing food without toxic ingredients, we have drawn up a 2020-2025 strategic plan with which to replicate our business model based on the 4Health technology by horizontalizing in agriculture, livestock, human consumption, and technology.

As a result, we have created Weboost, an accelerator that acts transversely to give way to ideas that are nurtured internally. In agriculture and livestock (Sachs), we look for new market niches where the use of chemicals continues to worsen the quality of food and our health. In human consumption (Life Probiotics and Next Food), we act directly in the consumers’ digestive system to alleviate diseases caused by poor nutrition. And the technology division, we embrace digital developments that enable us to develop much more transgressive and ambitious projects.


MAAVi: the acronym for Making A Vision.

Kimitec Group is the result of a vision: we believe in a different way of producing food. A vision built on passion, disruption, and effort.
This gave way to yet another vision: The MAAVi Foundation, a foundation aimed at promoting the integration and cohesion of the community. Within our foundation, we have created the MAAVi Fútbol Club, a club aimed at the cultural integration and social inclusion of children between the ages of 4 and 16.

Through football and its values, we want to be a part of an integrated community that does not exclude anyone based on their country of origin, race, sex, language and social status. The objective is to help children become healthy individuals, enhancing their skills through learning intrinsic values, such as effort, discipline, team play, respect, and sportsmanship.

We do not want to create football players we want to create responsible, respectful, self-confident people, with a future full of opportunities.

The foundation has 5 social and development areas: sports, social-cultural, educational-training, psychological and pedagogical care and health, food, and hygiene.