Disruptive Biotechnology

Making A Vision. We Lead the New Era of Biotechnology.

Leading-Edge Biotechnology: science-based, farm tested.

We encourage and establish an agronomic dialogue to listen to the real needs of the field and transfer this knowledge to our research team, who designs and develops natural and innovative solutions as effective as synthetic chemistry. The real benefits for the farmer come from solutions that offer great yield, productivity, and profitability, and for the consumer, healthier and higher quality foods.

Leading-Edge Biotechnology: science-based, farm tested.

Zero residue means stopping the consumption of small doses of chemical residues on a regular basis.

We guarantee residue-free food without losing productivity. Consumers are starting to demand that supermarkets provide residue-free food. As a result, supermarkets expect residue-free produce from farmers, farmers without any real options. Our vision is to offer an alternative to get more productive land, farmers who earn more money, and consumers that eat much healthier.


Stop the abuse against healthy nutrition.

We are very critical of a system that endangers our health. The problem lies in how industrial agriculture has exploited chemicals such as hormones, pesticides, and soil disinfectants as a way to surpass that productivity levels that traditional agriculture alone could not.

The agri-food industry has established a model which demands a level of productivity that is only achievable with synthetic chemistry. We stand by the real victims, the farmers, that have been left without a choice: they can either be productive or organic, they cannot be both. This is the dilemma that farmers deal with on a day to day basis.

Our business model provides an alternative to reach high productivity levels with residue-free foods. We want them to regain their pride in feeding healthy.

Stop the abuse against healthy nutrition.

Our model revolutionizes the current equation. We are productive and we are natural.

We are aware that there are lots of things that have not yet been invented. Our laboratory is the platform for visionary science, which is at the same time, very farm-friendly. We support the agronomic dialogue as a source of inspiration.

We propose effective, natural, and responsible agriculture.

Our approach is tremendously disruptive, because the challenge of replacing chemical synthesis molecules without losing productivity, is very complex.

We have created the 4Health technology, seeking the synergy among 4 natural areas: botany, microbiology, microalgae, and green chemistry.

The goal is to identify the positive effect of each source of isolated natural raw material and maximize its benefits through the interaction with the other natural areas. Our demand in effectiveness requires a very rigorous methodology since it is dependent on the natural raw materials; this is the basis of the disruption of our model.


We propose effective, natural, and responsible agriculture.

Health Oriented

Our innovation focuses on returning to healthier nutrition. Discover the impressive stories that revolve around Kimitec.

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