Discover Kimitec Group

Demanding Effectiveness with Natural Raw Materials

Biotechnology maximizes the synergies among 4 natural areas to design solutions, as effective as chemical synthesis, to reinvent nutrition and allow farmers to produce healthier and higher quality food.


Making A Vision: Beyond Agriculture

Our vision is to recover the balance between consumers eating healthy, high-quality food, farmers with productive and profitable crops, and a sustainable environment over time through responsible resource management.

A Unique and Inimitable Business Model

The disruption of our business model brings an innovation recognized by the market: 4Health technology. No one offers solutions resulting from the synergies of four natural areas with the same effectiveness as chemical synthesis products.


How do we do it? Providing tools to producers as an alternative to the use of synthetic chemistry.

We create biostimulants

To offer an alternative to the use of hormones in agriculture for stimulation and nutrition in crops.

We create biopesticides

To replace the use of chemical pesticides that fight pests and diseases leaving residues in our fruits and vegetables.

We create probiotics

To repopulate the life found in the soil, once damaged by disinfectants and abusive practices, promoting an increase of microorganisms which are beneficial for the development of plants, and the improvement in the nutritional contribution of fruits.

The Three Pillars of Kimitec Group

Our motor works thanks to the support of 3 fundamental pillars: R&D, Internationalization and Adaptability



The heart of our business model:

  • 4 H2020
  • MAAVi INNOVATION CENTER: Europe’s largest research center for biopesticides and probiotics
  • +40 top scientists
  • +30.000 efficiency tests
  • +20M € of financing in +115 research projects
  • 4 Patents


Kimitec Group is close to any customer in the world:

  • Global Agronomic dialogue
  • Identify real market needs for our R&D team
  • Globalize know-how –Transfer technological knowledge around the world
  • Experts in more than 120 crops
  • + 300 global customers
  • + 90 countries
  • 4 Subsidiaries (North America, LATAM, China, Brazil)


We adapt to any specific need of any client:

  • +500 registered products
  • +180 eco certifications
  • +2.000 official trial and customer experiences
  • Tailored marketing strategies to fit local cultures, customs, and demands

Dream, Challenge and Evolve. R&D&I as our first strategic pillar

R&D is one of our pillars and it rises to the challenge of replacing chemical synthesis molecules currently found in food. Our business model demands that we have the MAAVi Innovation Center, the largest biotechnology center for agriculture in Europe.

Our R&D team innovates by searching for productivity, and Europe has identified us as the leaders of this new production system, counting with 4 Horizon 2020, included within the 115 research projects carried out at a national and European level with an investment of over 20 million euros.

We identify needs and globalize know-how. Our second strategic pillar is internationalization.

Our international team works in a unique way. It is not about selling; it is about identifying the real needs of farmers in any of the 90 countries where we operate, and relaying this information to our R&D team. We have become experts in many crops and we transfer this acquired know-how to areas with different levels of agronomic management.


Adaptability as the pillar that places the customer at the center of our strategy

About 40% of our company works closely with customers to understand their needs and create customized collaborations, from the development of specialized product formulations with our R&D team, and getting eco certifications with our regulatory team, to customizing marketing strategies with our marketing team. We aim to offer a different and individualized experience for every customer.


Inspired by The World, Designed in Almería

The Greatest focus of intensive agriculture and agronomic technology in Europe.

We were born in Almería, where the largest focus of intensive agriculture in Europe is and grew in the most demanding and competitive market in Europe. Thus, as in any natural process of organic growth, we left our comfort zone to become experts in crops such as cereals, legumes, fruit trees or outdoor horticulture, to name a few. After going through this process, we have added value to over 120 different crops.