Kimitec group launches Seanergy, Agrobiotik, Phosbac PS and products under the priming technology


Almeria, Thursday, November 21, 2019

Kimitec Group, a Spanish biotechnology business group, launches several new products Seanergy, Phosbac PS, Agrobiotik and products under Priming Technology.

The focus of Kimitec Group is agriculture, so they have vertically developed a group of 4 companies with a common business model, oriented to cover farmers’ needs.

One of these companies is Agrocode, which offers products with Priming technology, as well as Phosbac PS and Agrobiotik. The company aims to redefine crop protection against pests and diseases by using biopesticides, thus eliminating synthetic chemicals from the equation and producing residue-free food. As a remedy to abusive practices and chemical soil disinfection, Agrocode impacts on the yield of crops and the quality of food, through the use of prebiotics and probiotics, which help improve the existing life on the soil, which is full of beneficial organisms.

The solutions within the PRIMING TECHNOLOGY line, developed with the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), aim to increase crops’ ability to overcome conditions in which stress factors can undermine their normal activity.  The activation through PRIMING gives plants a boost without the need to use energy, so only when required, different metabolic pathways are activated.

Furthermore, Kimitec Agro, another company belonging to Kimitec Group, launches Seanergy, the only product in the market based on the joint biostimulant action of 100% natural Seaweed and Microalgae. Kimitec Agro reinvents crop nutrition and stimulation, increasing the yield and quality of crops, by eliminating the use of chemicals such as hormones.

To find out more about these products and about Kimitec Group, visit their new websites:   and   www.agrocode. com ,  available in different languages.

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