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Controlling Fire Blight with Bacteriophages, Soon a Reality

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Why Does the USA Need the Farm to Fork When It Has a Spoon?

Hace 3 weeks | Agriculture

MAAVi Innovation Center and El Salvador Will Bring Zero-Residue Agriculture to Central America and the Caribbean

Hace 1 month | Agriculture

Kimitec and Novagric, together for a natural and productive agriculture

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From the Lab to Industrial Production and Commercialization: Overcoming the Obstacles of Designing Biological Products

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KIMITEC implements a new digital system in MAAVi Innovation Center’s Trials department

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The marriage between technology and natural agriculture

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The time for biotechnology singularity is now

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Deep diving into biological dark matter

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UNICA and MAAVi Innovation Center sign an agreement to achieve zero residue in fruit and vegetable production

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