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Kimitec sponsors the first Los Futbolísimos interactive novel

Hace 2 weeks | Corporate

UNICA and MAAVi Innovation Center sign an agreement to achieve zero residue in fruit and vegetable production

Hace 4 weeks | Agriculture

Stupidity Has No Limits

Hace 3 months | Newsroom

Félix García: “We look for an agricultural system both productive and natural” 

Hace 1 year | Agriculture

Kimitec Group successfully closes its participation in the Growtech Fair

Hace 2 years | Agriculture

Kimitec group launches Seanergy, Agrobiotik, Phosbac PS and products under the priming technology

Hace 2 years | Corporate

Kimitec Group receives the 2019 SME of the year award of Almería

Hace 2 years | Corporate

Luiz Cavalcanti, new General Manager of Kimitec Group in Brazil

Hace 2 years | Corporate

Gustavo Noriega, new General Manager of Kimitec Group in LATAM

Hace 3 years | Corporate