Invierna, MAAVi Labs and Artificial Intelligence: Our Breaking News for the Fruit Attraction 2021


The Fruit Attraction 2021 is finally on its way! And it will be pretty much as it used to be before the global COVID pandemic, or so it seems. What is for sure, is that you will find a brand new Kimitec.

Because we keep growing nonstop. Many things have happened since our last Fruit Attraction in 2019.

First and foremost, we have opened and fielded our MAAVi Innovation Center, a research center that is available to the whole industry, where natural and productive agriculture is made possible. You might have already visited us during this strange period, with movement restrictions and all, but if you have not come yet, hurry up, because we are eager to show you the progress we have made on our construction phase 2. You can consider our 7D12 stand at the Fruit Attraction a prelude to your future visit.

There, you will learn about our new biostimulants and the other 46 projects our R&D&I department has in the pipeline, targeting the major problems facing world agriculture, from biocontrol to seed treatments.

Together, we will denounce how unfair EU policies are, especially the new Farm to Fork strategy, which puts a restriction on the tools we have to achieve a decent level of productivity, without specifically establishing an acceptable registration process for biopesticides. If they do not take proper action soon, the proposed 50% reduction of synthetic chemicals in agriculture by 2030 will be nothing but a mere chimera. Or is it so already?

Refusing to clearly separate biopesticides from all other chemicals makes the registration of natural products a never-ending, costly procedure that hinders the proliferation of more effective, natural solutions on the market, leaving food producers with their backs against the wall. It is simply outrageous.

But while we keep looking for a way to force our leaders to find an appropriate solution, we can tell you about our latest tech for the production of natural inputs: Artificial Intelligence. You probably think we are just another company trying to make that trendy word fit into our corporate vocabulary… And you are right, but also wrong. We know that today everyone claims to be using AI one way or the other, but we are the first company to apply it to the research and development of effective and productive natural compounds for agriculture. Imagine hundreds of millions of artificial neurones searching for obvious and non-obvious realities in nature, which can later be used to quickly design the effective, specific and sustainable biological products of the future!

Those neurones will join our scientific team of over 50 people at MAAVi Innovation Center, who have managed to develop a UNIQUE budding synchronizer as effective as other commonly used chemicals, which will be launched worldwide during the Fruit Attraction: INVIERNA.

At our stand, you will be received by our marketing and sales teams, which will be happy to answer all your questions and explain who we are and what we do. They will also introduce you to our MAAVi Labs, strategic agreements with large producers designed to face the current difficulties in our specific market, with both stakeholders and politicians asking us to reject chemicals without yet having a real alternative.


Through these MAAVi Labs, we make the largest research center dedicated to natural agriculture in Europe and one of the largest biotechnology hubs in the world available to large agricultural producers, who want to achieve zero residues and meet the requirements of large distributors and the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy. Among our collaborators, we already have Frutas BOLLO, Primaflor and Unica Group.

You will find us throughout the fair in Hall 7, stand #7D12.

And on Wednesday, October 6th, we will be at the Retiro Room, on the mezzanine level of Halls 8 and 10, to give you more information on Invierna and elaborate on everything you have learned here. We have also organized two open meetings in that same room, one from 10.00 to 12.00, and another from 12.30 to 14.30.

Come and get all the info firsthand!


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