Kimitec sponsors the first Los Futbolísimos interactive novel


19 books, over three and a half million copies sold only in Spain, and translation into fifteen languages: Those are some of the figures reflecting the success of SM’s “Los Futbolísimos” saga, whose 20th book will be an interactive novel sponsored by Kimitec.

Starting on May 28 and for 20 weeks in a row, the fans of the Spanish literary saga “Los Futbolísimos” will get the chance to decide the fate of their favorite characters, thanks to Kimitec and the books’ author, Roberto Santiago.

For book number 20, titled The Mystery of the Golden Mask, the author will write 20 chapters with the help of the readers, making it the first interactive novel about football ever written.

Kimitec, a biotechnology company headquartered in Almeria, saw in Roberto Santiago’s saga an exceptional tool for promoting the values on which their MAAVi Foundation is founded. With their own football club, MAAVi F.C, they hope to foster the social and cultural integration of children of different ages in Almeria, which is home to over 120 nationalities and has a high prevalence of social isolation among children.

The foundation promotes sports among children and supports their education, offering them a chance for a brighter future regardless of their sex, age, origin, race or religion. Félix García, CEO of Kimitec, explains that MAAVi Foundation, which works for the real integration of boys and girls through the values of football, has found in ‘Los Futbolísimos’ the perfect vehicle to reach the public”. And he adds: “For us, training a future player of the UD Almería, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona is as satisfying as training a future biologist or an architect”.

But how does this new interactive novel work? It is quite simple. Starting on Friday, May 28, a chapter of the novel is published every Friday on the website of Diario AS. At the end of the chapter, the readers are given three possibilities to choose from, so that they can decide how they want the story to continue. The participants, including the children of MAAVi Foundation, will have 48 hours (from Friday, 6 pm to Sunday, 6 pm) to vote for one of the options. Roberto Santiago will write the next chapter according to the selected option. The readers will be, therefore, the ones guiding the author through the whole story.

The full novel, published by SM and sponsored by Kimitec and MAAVi Foundation, will arrive at the bookstores in November, with drawings and illustrations that will bring both the characters and their adventures to life.

Making children laugh and promoting good values since 2013

Los Futbolísimos is a literary saga published by SM. With humor and based on values, such as tolerance, teamwork, friendship, empathy and respect for others, the books follow the adventures of a football team. The values are a key piece to all the author’s stories: “A book for children should encourage young readers to keep reading, but also teach them values. ‘Los Futbolísimos’ highlights the importance of concepts like teamwork and equality.”

The saga was born in 2013, and today it has become an indisputable national bestseller. It has been exported to 17 countries and has served as inspiration for a film and a musical. And now, the author gives his readers the reins of the world’s first interactive football novel. Decide the fate of your heroes in Diario AS!

SM organizes a digital meeting with Roberto Santiago

On May 26, SM organized a digital meeting with Roberto Santiago, giving 25,000 students the possibility to talk to their favorite writer about the plans for his new book, his writing habits, or any other secret they might want to know.

KIMITEC and MAAVi FOUNDATION support the publication of the interactive novel

Kimitec is a leading biotechnology company headquartered in Spain and focused on agriculture. Founded in 2007, it develops natural, alternative and radically innovative agricultural solutions with the same level of efficacy than synthetic chemicals. Working from their own research center, the MAAVi Innovation Center, Kimitec offers disruptive solutions that challenge and ultimately change the current food production system, demonstrating that, with the help of natural products, maintaining the grower’s productivity, preserving the environment and safeguarding human health are fully compatible goals. Their model redefines nutrition as we know it, allowing to produce healthier, higher quality foods.

With Kimitec’s support, MAAVi Foundation aims to promote the integration and cohesion of local communities, as well as the protection of young people and children. Its sports program is sponsored by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, and encourages the personal development of children through football, teaching them values such as hard work, respect, discipline, team work and sportsmanship. Its social program is aimed at promoting the social integration of children through education, healthy nutrition and labor market integration, helping them grow into upright, responsible and respectful people with a chance for a brighter future.

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