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El Salvador’s Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, David Martínez, Highlights MAAVi Innovation Center’s Vision for the Future and the Opportunities It Offers for the Salvadorian Agri-Food Industry

Hace 7 days | Corporate

Kimitec and Novagric, together for a natural and productive agriculture

Hace 3 weeks | Corporate

Kimitec and the University of Almería Launch the ‘Kimitec & UAL Farm to Fork Partnership’ to Promote R&D&I Projects in the Field of Natural, Productive and Healthy Agriculture

Hace 4 weeks | Corporate

Almería’s Regional Council visits Kimitec to learn about the agricultural innovation they export to 94 countries around the world

Hace 4 weeks | Corporate

Kimitec signs an agreement with Viajes El Corte Inglés to promote sustainability in its corporate travel management

Hace 2 months | Corporate

Kimitec sponsors the first Los Futbolísimos interactive novel

Hace 2 months | Corporate

UNICA and MAAVi Innovation Center sign an agreement to achieve zero residue in fruit and vegetable production

Hace 2 months | Agriculture

We have a major expansion plan in place for Brazil

Hace 4 months | Corporate

The Marriage of Primaflor & Kimitec Leads to Zero Residue Productivity

Hace 4 months | Corporate

We have a new team member in France! Eric Ribault joins the Kimitec family

Hace 5 months | Agriculture