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We have a major expansion plan in place for Brazil

Hace 1 month | Corporate

The Marriage of Primaflor & Kimitec Leads to Zero Residue Productivity

Hace 1 month | Corporate

We have a new team member in France! Eric Ribault joins the Kimitec family

Hace 2 months | Agriculture

MAAVi Labs, strategic collaboration agreements for the development of residue-free solutions

Hace 3 months | Corporate

MAAVi FC Girls Team Wins the Iberdrola SuperA Social Award 

Hace 7 months | Corporate

Antonio Domene new vice president of Kimitec

Hace 7 months | Corporate

PhageFire, fourth Horizon 2020. A natural solution for Fire Blight

Hace 11 months | Corporate

Félix García: “We look for an agricultural system both productive and natural” 

Hace 11 months | Agriculture

Nine new organic certifications in Portugal

Hace 12 months | Agriculture

Kimitec will invest a total of 50 million euros in its biotechnology center

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