We are the natural alternative for your crops.

We are a biotechnology company that offers natural and innovative agricultural solutions as an alternative to synthetic chemicals, matching or even exceeding their level of efficacy.

We offer optimum yield while leaving zero residues.

Our natural products align with the needs of the producers, achieving the perfect balance between productivity/profitability, sustainability and human health preservation.

We safeguard human health and the environment, and guarantee the responsible management of global resources.

We reject the current status quo, leading the way towards a new paradigm in global agriculture: A better food production, for a better human nutrition and a better planet.

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News Kimitec Group

Banco Santander takes 5% stake in Kimitec and MAAVi Innovation Center

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Fruit Attraction 2022: We introduce you to LINNA®, our Artificial Intelligence platform.

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Uzbekistan chooses Kimitec to transform the country’s agricultural sector

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China’s crops have found an ally of natural solutions in Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center

Hace 2 years | Corporate